Our Kids … Not Their Politics!

After suffering the effects of poor leadership and misuse of tax dollars for over three years, parents and community leaders began collecting petition signatures to recall and replace four members of the Douglas County School Board. 

Board members David Ray, Christina Ciancio-Schor, Elizabeth Hanson, and Susan Meek have been paralyzed in the face of the pandemic and failed to deliver the education they promised. Their self-interest, lack of leadership and mismanagement of Douglas County’s public schools has hurt our kids and cost our communities.

There’s no time to wait. Directors Ray, Ciancio-Schor, Hanson, and Meek must be recalled and replaced now for the following reasons: 

Lack of Leadership: Despite having all summer to plan, the pandemic response was completely reactive. The board often disregards the recommendations of their superintendent and changes direction from one board meeting to the next. This indecision has resulted in school year delays, broken promises to students, and parents/staff scrambling to change plans. The last-minute e-learning plan was a disaster, and in-person students spent the majority of their first semester at home. 

Mismanagement of Tax Dollars: The board spent millions on a failed e-learning plan, including expensive software that was largely abandoned. Their indecision and inability to plan likely led to enrollment/financial losses.

Lack of Trust and Transparency: They are non-responsive to emails, solicit endless feedback through surveys/committees (only to disregard), and misled the public on the departure of their last superintendent.

Loss of Educational Opportunities: School started weeks late. Parents, teachers, and students express that the failed eLearning plan and the board-chosen hybrid plan caused lost learning opportunities, as did keeping secondary students on remote. 

The Safety of Our Kids

Schools are the number one place where child abuse is detected. Children’s Hospital Colorado recently reported child abuse is now the second highest cause of children coming to the ER, with cases increasing month-by-month since the pandemic began. You can read the full article here.

The safety of our children is yet another reason we need the right management and oversight on the Douglas County School Board.